DE is moral
JIAO is education
DEJIAO means “moral education” in Chinese.
DEJIAO has its root in Taoism Confucianism and Buddhism in tradition, practices, beliefs and thousands of years of Chinese culture. it embraces the teachings of Christianity and Islam in its moral education. Therefore DEJIAO is not a new religion!
DEJIAO was found in 1939 during the WWII in south China when thousands of lives were lost with enormous human sufferings. Help was sought from Divinity and DEJIAO was born. Today there are more than 300 DEJIAO branches in the world.
In DEJIAO there are no priests, monks or imams to present its teachings or sermons. Instead its teaching is delivered via “channeling” from the sages and deities knows as “Jiwens”.
DEJIAO preaches “Ten Virtues and Eight Precepts” to promote a more peaceful and harmonious world.