(Holy Scripture of DEJIAO)

–Brief English  Explanation & Translation–


It is imperative to understand the anthropology of the 5000-year continuous Chinese civilisation to appreciate the essence of the Canon of DEJIAO decreed in May 1942 in China by Jade Emperor, the Supreme Deity in Chinese culture and religiosity.
The Canon was written via Planchette Pen writing from the Deity Guan Peng, Chief Administrator of the Celestial Court, comprising 378 characters based on the Confucian literature of “Four Books & Five Classics”.
It epitomises the richness and the wisdom of Chinese culture based on “DAO”,” Virtues (DE), and “Rites” 道, 德, 禮 “Three Fountains of Wisdom”; their interrelationships and dependencies are central to the observance of the Chinese belief system and is the essence of the Scripture.
“DAO” is the creator of the universe, the giver of life to all things and the Law of Nature, metaphysical descriptions by Lao Tzu (Born 571 BC) in DAODEJING. It is the destiny of humanity, in harmony with nature. The Five Elements are the essential characteristics of everything in nature, comprising Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, balancing and interacting in the “Generating” and “Controlling” Cycles. A native Chinese philosophy enshrined in Traditional Chinese Medicines, Agricultural Cultivation, Compass Orientation, Colour, Climate and Season.
Virtues “DE” are the inherent characteristics of “DAO” – conducive, nurturing and enabling the greatest gift of nature to bestow life in unison with “DAO”. “Rites” are the Precepts, protocols, rules and customary practices to abide by in achieving “Virtues” to arrive at the destiny of “DAO” 道之以德, 齐之以礼. Confucius (551 -479 BC) transcended the metaphysics of “DAO” into humanistic behaviours, social order and governance by advocating “Virtues” (DE) and “Rites.”
Whilst not specified in DEJIAO Xin Dian, there are 26 Virtues mentioned in “Four Books & Five Classics”, and the following eight epitomise the classical Confucian Virtues: Filial Piety, Brotherly Love, Loyalty, Sincerity, Courtesy, Integrity, Frugality, Sense of Shame, to which DEJIAO added Benevolence and Wisdom to form the DEJIAO’s Ten Virtues. These are the attributes and qualities that humanity aspires to possess as part of the journey toward “DAO”.
“Rites”: There is a “fountain” of cultural traditions and wisdom embedded in Chinese literature, such as in the “Book of Rites”. It is a central belief and principle of the code of conduct that affects human survival, success or failure of human endeavours/dealings, peace and harmony of the nation (人無禮則不生,事無禮則不成,國家無禮則不寧).
The following Precepts, as part of “Rites” specified in the DEJIAO Xin Dian, include refraining from cheating, falsehood, greed, preposterous, arrogance, and laziness with refraining from resentment and imparting hatred or causing harm to others added subsequently. These are mandatory codes of conduct to achieve each of the Ten Virtues.


(祝香辭Incense Prayer)

(Praying with utmost sincerity to spiritually and emotionally “communicate” with DEJIAO’s Divinity)


缕缕 清香 绕 聖空
Wisps of fragrant smoke coiling and floating towards the divine heaven of DEJIAO.
香绕 聖空 神 人通
When the fragrant smoke reaches heaven, it spiritually connects the divine beings with those praying and seeking divine interventions.
Spiritual communication with divine beings arises from pious devotion.                       
The pious devotion transforms the universe to become the divine heaven for all.
We pledge allegiance to all buddhas. Bodhisattvas, deities and sages of the infinite skies and oceans. (chant the eulogies three times)


(Praising the wonderous, virtuous and reverence of “DAO” and the ideology of Yin and Yang governed and regulated by the dynamic and complementary duality of forces based on YiJing (The Book of Changes)易經the one of the “Five Classics”.
The separation of Yin and Yang marks the creation of the universe with the sun and the moon reigning supreme, separating night from the day and nourishing nature with energy and necessities.
The immense forces of the Five Elements exist in “Heaven” and “Earth” that create and maintain all things. “Heaven” is in ceaseless motion with continuous changes, and “Earth” is virtuous, supporting and nurturing all things in nature.
Since the beginning of time, “motion” manifested itself as changes -the forces and energies of Mother Nature in producing, interacting and creating all things in the universe co-existing and prospering in harmony.
Continue affinity to pursue the truth and rewarding life through practising and abiding by DEJIAO’s teachings to return to the innate nature of the self to attain the wisdom of and arrive at the destiny “DAO”.
(請師Invitation of Divine Grace)
Inviting with reverence the omnipresent and omnipotent divine beings represented in the Five Elements.
Respectfully inviting all divine beings with the characteristic of wood in the Eastern realm
Respectfully inviting all divine beings with the characteristic of fire in the Southern realm
Respectfully inviting all divine beings with the characteristic of the Earth in the Central realm
Respectfully inviting all divine beings with the characteristic of metal in the Western realm
Respectfully inviting all divine beings with the characteristic of water in the Northern realm
Respectfully inviting all bodhisattvas, deities and sages of DEJIAO’s Community of gods.
(Making a vow to relieve physical, emotional and spiritual sufferings by uplifting the morality of self and society through practising and upholding “DAO”,” Virtues (DE)”, and “Rites” 道,德,禮, and live a virtuous, fulfilling, rewarding life in a peaceful and harmonious world.)
Pay homage to the omnipotent, omnipresent and noblest Jade Emperor “Yuhuang” (Guan Gong/ Guan Di), the ruler of the Three Realms being Heaven, Human and Hell, who bestowed the DEJIAO Xin Dian to humanity.
Concern with the calamity of humanity from Kalpa.
Make a vow to extend benevolence to humanity to spread and teach all with the DEJIAO’s teachings.
渡一切苦厄 救一切苍生
Redeem human beings from sufferings and dangers, and provide salvation to all living things.
众善子教不离德 德不离身
Calling all good and pious people to ensure the teachings must never deviate from ” Virtues (De)”; Practice and actions must not deviate from “Virtues” (De), which are the characteristics of “DAO” in the Chinese Cosmology, and integral part of the Chinese ethos.
The greatest endowment of “DAO” is to gift life with its innate quality to prosper and propagate in predestined roles and functions in harmony with nature and liberated from human frailties and defilements.
Practising the following Six Precepts (“Rites”) so that all thoughts and actions are instinctively free from human frailties and defilements.
不欺 不伪 不贪 不妄 不骄 不怠
The Six Precepts are refraining from cheating, falsehood, greed, preposterous, arrogance, and laziness in thoughts and actions to achieve each of the DEJIAO’s Ten Virtues.
Then there will be no human defilements and frailties in the world.
No physical, financial or reputational damage to cause harm to others for self-benefit. Therefore, there will be no more lies, twisted facts or untruths to cause arguments, slandering, quarrels and unjustifiable litigations.
Abide by and practise the Six Precepts with pious devotion resembling the primordial bright sunlight to energetically pursue excellence in spiritual development with perseverance and vitality.
水火刀兵 不见災疫疾厄不遇
Flood, fire, weaponry injuries and war not seen; and disaster, epidemic, sickness, and dangers not encountered.
A life of peace, happiness and self-contentment is actualised free from guilt and fear, practising wisdom with compassion and truthfulness.
The teachings of the Holy Scriptures must be constantly studied, practised and abided by to attain awakening and wisdom and transcend everyday living to achieve one’s innate quality.
The heart will fill with forgiveness, wisdom and compassion with virtuous conduct and endowed with all physical and emotional necessities for the whole family to enjoy happiness, peace and tranquillity.
Increase the opportunity for divine anointments and recognitions, and enjoy propitious life.
With utmost sincerity freeing one from physical and emotional attachments, one can appreciate and enjoy the wonder of the universe and the law of nature.
The metaphysics of the “DAO” transposed as the teachings of DEJIAO with pious devotion of the followers to spiritually connect with the divine beings.
南无大慈大悲伏魔大帝 德德社至上古佛玉皇大天尊(三稱)
We pledge allegiance to Jade Emperor, the most benevolent, compassionate, demon-warding and supreme ancient Buddha. (Chant the eulogies three times.)
(收经辭 (Epilogue))
(Praising the glory of the Jade Emperor and spreading the message of Xin Dian to promote heavenly bliss on Earth)
“Yuhuang Datianzun”, the Jade Emperor, fills Heaven and Earth with righteousness.
His loyalty shines like the glorious sun ceaselessly, endowing the world with energy and necessities for humanity to live a rewarding and spiritually fulfilling life.
He bestowed the teaching of great virtues as DEJIAO’s mission to consecrate entities to educate and promote DEJIAO to all.
Wishing that Xin Dian will be propagated and practised by all human beings worldwide.
All devotees will ascend to the paradise of humanity and together enjoy heavenly bliss.
We pledge allegiance to all buddhas, bodhisattvas, deities and sages of DEJIAO’s Community of gods. (Chant the eulogies three times.)  


缕缕清香绕圣空 香绕圣空神人通
神人相通惟心感 心感信香化苍穹

阴阳分晓日月尊 浑浑五行合乾坤
帝德玄黄参化育 订立慧缘修真根
奉请东方木德星君 奉请南方火德星君
奉请中央土德星君 奉请西方金德星君
奉请北方水德星君 奉请德德社诸佛仙尊

玄旻高上帝 玉皇大天尊 慈念尘土末劫
发大悲心 扬大教化 渡一切苦厄
救一切苍生 众善子 教不离德 德不离身
天命为性 率性归真 是故有诸行藏
不欺不伪 不贪不妄 不骄不怠
尘世无魅 无侵损相害 无是非讼扰
赤心古扑 积精为神 水火刀兵不见
灾疫疾厄不遇 恬愉自得 慧志洁净
常持圣典 正觉开智 超凡化真
心广体胖 家室安宁 以增天爵
以邀吉亨 至诚无物 至妙至精
道化成理 虔感至灵 南无大慈大悲伏魔大帝
德德社至上古佛玉皇大天尊 …..(三颂)

玉皇大天尊 义气贯乾坤
忠心如赤日 紫德订道轩
愿以此教典 普化於世问
同登极乐土 共跻天堂欢